White Oak Sawmill is committed to sustainable forestry practices

"Old sawmill, Arholma, Sweden."

We work with landowners to ensure that their desire for their woodlot is carried out in a responsible way that protects future harvests and leaves a healthy residual stand while improving woodlots attractiveness to game species.

White Oak Sawmill and their forester has been actively involved in working at the municipal and county levels to streamline and ease the permitting and regulatory requirements that has slowly been restricting our industry. If you’re a landowner who has been reluctant to carry out a harvest due to municipal restrictions and red tape, please reach out to us and we can help you navigate the mucky waters of regulation. This could involve going to meetings and educating yourself on the legality of their ordinances concerning timber harvest activity.

If you have a woodlot and are thinking of harvesting trees there are several reasons to consider its benefits.

"Greater varieties of food sources will be present after harvest."


  • Enables landowners with natural right to financial return on land investment.
  • Satisfies landowners desire to be an effective steward of their woodland and its resources.
  • To supply raw materials for the production of lumber and world economic markets.
  • In a sustainable way, it increases the woodlands attractiveness to both game and non-game species, for example: new tree regeneration will provide browse, ground nesting opportunities and escape cover for birds, small mammals and deer.
  • Greater varieties of food sources will be present throughout the new growth phase of a properly carried out harvest.

"Benefits the species depending on the ecosystem."

  • Maintaining an even age structure in a woods and keeping undesirable species at bay over your lifetime of stewardship of your woodlot, not only benefits the species depending on the ecosystem but your family currently and generations that will follow.

Timber buying, how does it work?

Call us or email us and set up a time to meet with our experienced forester and we will walk through your woods with you, discussing your management goals for your woodlot, no matter if you have just a few acres or several hundred.

Defining and understanding your goals is vital in the customer/ Sawmill relationship. Our forester can gladly point you to other properties, most likely nearby to you, so that a customer that may be unfamiliar with logging operations can get a realistic view and idea of what a well carried out harvest will look like.

Our forester will then go through and mark the trees intended to be harvested, with marks clearly visible on two sides accompanied by a mark on a low part of the stump near the ground, ensuring any tree post harvest is accounted for as well.

White Oak Sawmill will present a written proposal with a dollar amount to then be considered by the landowner.

Upon signing the contract, a deposit will be paid, details of the balance and details of the harvest itself will be addressed.

What factors determine the value of my trees?

The biggest factor in determining the value of any woodlot is species. After the walk through phase of this process you should have a fairly good idea of the financial gains of your harvest, as well as the other benefits to a woods that are a result of a well designed and carried out harvest. Another factor in determining the value of your timber is the terrain and obstacles such as buildings, roads, property lines, creeks etc, which all contribute to ease or difficulty in harvesting and removing the timber. Size of the timber is also an important factor in considering the value of any woodlot. Obviously bigger timber is a valuable factor, however trees that are too big as well as too old can be devalued by disease or hollow bottoms or lightning streaks . These are all important factors when we consider your specific woodlot.

Lumber sales

White Oak Sawmill has built a reputation on producing some the finest lumber in the Mid Atlantic region, providing quality product to wholesale outlets throughout the Northeast. Whether your needs are 8/4 furniture grade lumber or 4/4 random pallet lumber or dimensional cants for your tie or mat needs, contact White Oak Sawmill for pricing and details.